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montana's guest satisfaction survey

About Montana’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

To build up a sturdy connection with their consumers Montana’s company taking customer feedback surveys. Which helps them to make their more attractive or qualitative to the consumer. They are taking customer feedback through an online survey. Where they can find their faults or responsibilities during their service. And also, can be aware of customer likes and dislikes. To get an upper hand in the market rivalry in this industry.

Every company has a wish to reach the brilliance of bringing the service for which they are built. Companies are found to know what their customers think about them or how do they feel. What will satisfy them the most of what makes them unhappy after they visit the stores. For this reason, they take surveys. This type of feedback-taking surveys helps out the companies to acquire the information which can they apply for improving the overall experience.

The company will ask you about Montana’s products and services and your overall experience. Question will be asked about the food quality and quantity, in-store and out store atmosphere, and about the staff behavior and the administration. And against this survey participants can get rewards. To take this survey you must be eligible for the survey and you can know the eligibility criteria by reading the survey rules and regulations.

From the survey, Montana’s can make a summary of the customer’s likes and dislikes. And later on, they will change their service and products accordingly to the reviews and comments. But nowadays nobody is likely to take this type of survey. So, Montana’s offers some attractive gifts or rewards to turn the customers towards the survey. And they also make some rules and requirements to make the process safe and secure. And avoid the frauds from the survey.

Montana’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Rewards

Montana did not let your feedback go in vain so they arranged surprise gifts for the participants. This prize will be given after finishing the survey. and you can get free items on your next visit to your nearest Montana’s outlet store.

When you finish the survey then you can be able to enter Montana’s Sweepstakes to win the prize or reward. And the reward will be given as a Gift Card.

And the prize or reward is cannot be combined with other offers.

Terms and Conditions of Montana’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • As you previously get to know that this survey has some eligibility criteria to perform. And without fulfilling that criteria participants can’t enter the survey or take the survey nobody can take the survey. so, you may concern about the survey terms and conditions. Read the terms and make arrangements to take the survey. Follow the below terms and conditions.
  • This survey can be taken by the legal residents of Canada.
  • Participants must be 18 years old and this is an essential rule and must be followed by every participant.
  • Employees and their family members can’t take the survey, and the agents and related companies and persons also can’t take the survey.
  • To take the survey a participant must have a receipt of Montana’s receipt.
  • To take the survey a valid email id and a contact number are needed. You have to provide these two details at the time of taking the survey.
  • This survey is an online survey so take the survey you must have an electronic device and your device must be connected with a stable network. And the device can be a laptop or computer or smartphone.
  • This survey is available in two languages so you must have a basic knowledge of two languages. And the languages are English and French.
  • This survey can be taken only one time by one receipt.
  • Your reward is not transferable so don’t hand over your reward to anyone else otherwise you will miss or lose your reward.
  • If you win the reward then all the charges will be due on the reward that must be paid by the participant.
  • And Participants must be aware of the survey availability. Take the survey within that period when the survey is available.

How to Participate in Montana’s Survey

  • When you get realized that you have read all the terms and conditions and you can take the survey then don’t take time to start the survey. visit the official survey site to take the survey. and take the survey loyally and give genuine feedback. and to take the survey without any hesitation then follow the undermentioned simple steps.
  • To start Montana’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, you have to visit the official survey site and for this click on this link montanassurvey.com

 Montana's survey

  • Then a page will appear where you can see various types of question s and from this page, you can also change the language from the bottom left of the page.
  • Now you have to enter your first and last name, phone number, access code then the location of Montana’s, date of visit, check number, and the type of your dining experience and then add comments in the given section.
  • Then make a click on the “Submit” button to submit the survey.
  • After that, you have to rate your total consummation level as per your current visit consideration.
  • Next answer all the survey questions on the scale as per your satisfaction level.
  • Normally, the questions are about your visit and order, employee behavior, client administration, environment and products, and services.
  • After completion of the survey, you will get the validation code and by that code, you can redeem your reward.

About Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Montana’s BBQ & Bar is a restaurant chain that specializes in in-house smoked pork ribs, steaks, and burgers. It is a Canadian restaurant chain. It was founded 25 years ago in the year 1995 by Paul Jeffery. It is a subsidiary company and belonging to the restaurant industry. It is now based or headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario. And its parent company is Recipe Unlimited. Montana’s have 105 restaurants located in all the Canadian provinces of Quebec that is not on the list.

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Montana’s Contact Info

Customer Support number

(GTA) 416-940-5655






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