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Phillips 66 Feedback

About Phillips 66 Survey

Phillips 66 taking a survey to know about customers’ satisfaction levels after using their services. Phillips 66 is keenly wanting to know about the likes and dislikes of the customers. And just because of these facts, they arranged the platform to take the feedback and the comments from the customers. This type of survey will help Phillips 66 to customize the services according to the customer’s choice and also will help them to upgrade their business to give a fight to the other entities from the industry to which does Phillips 66 is belonging.

Although at the time of performing the survey a customer or participant must have the capacity to memorize his or her visitor experience which they had during the service was given to them or when they using the service of Phillips 66. Customers have to tell them all about their visit as they could remember. Customers need to share everything that they had experienced during the visit. It was the service quality, quantity, price, and about the store environment and the store location, and the staff greeting and behavior.

This survey can be taken in two methods and both the methods are online. So, you have to be online or access the internet to participate in this survey. The first method of entry is by an online survey and the second method is to fill up a feedback form and then mail that form. In this survey, you have to share your general understandings and overall experience. In this current circumstance, we all know that no one pays any kind of attention to this type of survey. So, Phillips 66 finds an idea to bring their customers towards this survey. So, they put a few rewards in this survey to encourage the customers for this survey.

And also, they set some rules to make the participants eligible for the survey. Alongside these rules of eligibility one participant must make some preparations that will help the participant to take the survey. So, you have to fulfill the survey requisite to take the survey and also have to obey the rules of eligibility to perform this survey.

Phillips 66 Survey Customer Satisfaction Reward:

  • To value the customers’ candid feedback and appreciating the customers for taking the survey by giving their valuable time Phillips 66 appreciates the survey participants by giving a reward for their valuable feedback. you can only get the reward when you take the survey loyally and give honest feedback to the Phillips 66 The reward will be a money-saving offer and some other great offer like free dinner. That means if you complete the survey then you will be able to get a discount on your next Gas Card from Phillips 66.
  • When you finish the survey, you will be eligible for the survey reward which is a Gas Card. And the value of the Gift Card is $25. There are 60 rewards or prizes in every month or 180 prizes in every survey entry period. A survey entry period will contain three months and each month will have 60 separate $25 Phillips Gas Card winners.
  • When you complete the survey then you will be given a promo code and your reward will depend on your receipt. This means you can only get that as your reward whatever is printed on your receipt as the survey reward. So, you have to check your receipt to know in detail about your reward.

Rules and Requirements of Phillips 66 Feedback:

  • As we previously discussed the Phillips 66, set some rules to maintain and some requirements to arrange before taking the survey. These requirements will help you to complete the survey without any hesitation. Except being an eligible entrant if you take the survey then you will be eliminated from the survey sweepstakes entry and can’t be the winner of the reward. So read the rules and the requirements to make yourself eligible and take the survey without any stoppage. Rules and requirements of the Phillips 66 Survey are as follows
  • To be eligible for this survey you have to be a legal resident of any one state among the 50 United States. Because this survey is open only for United States residents. So if you want to take this survey then you have to be and U.S. resident.
  • To take part in this survey your age should be 18 years or more than that. Because this survey is not for the below 18 years old. 18 years is the minimum age limit of this survey so you must be at least 18 years old to take part in this survey.
  • You can perform this survey only in the English language. because this survey is not available in any other language. So, you have to know the basics or fundamentals of the English language to perform this survey.
  • A laptop or computer or smartphone is very essential for this survey to perform this survey and being online at the time of taking this survey in both ways of entry. Phillips 66 Survey is an online survey so you have to be online while performing the survey.
  • To access the internet a reliable network connection is very essential, as this survey is an online survey and without internet connectivity, it is next to impossible to perform this survey.
  • Without having a store receipt, you cannot take part in the Phillips 66 Survey. because you have to enter some details from the receipt to start the survey and enter the main feedback-giving process. And you have to check your receipt once to be sure about the survey invitation.
  • Participants are allowed to take this survey in any way of entry for only one time in a single day. And the day will start at midnight and will end at 11:59:59 P.M. so, you have to take the survey in that much of given time.
  • The working employees of Phillips 66 and their family members are not allowed to take this survey. And also, the Phillips 66 connected sponsors, associates, affiliates, and agents are not allowed to perform this survey.
  • Rewards are given with a limitation of a prize per person. And you have to maintain the rules regarding the reward redemption. And the rule is you cannot be able to sell or replace or transfer your reward to anybody at any cost or for any other thing. Also, you cannot combine your offer with any other offer.
  • It is necessary to have a valid email id to perform this survey and get the promo code and after getting that promo code to redeem the reward your valid email id is needed.

How to Participate in Phillips 66 Survey by an Online Survey:

  • First of all, you have to be eligible for this survey by reading the rules and make all the arrangements then take the survey. And if you want to take the survey without any hesitation then you need to follow the under mentioned steps. With the help of these easy steps, you can enter the Phillips 66 Survey sweepstakes and can win the reward. But you have to be loyal while sharing the feedback.
  • To perform this survey through an online survey you have to visit the survey site. And you have to browse this link to visit the survey site.

Phillips 66 Survey

  • After that, you will enter the survey entry page and you can take this survey from this page and also you can know about the survey also.
  • Then you have to enter the 5-digit code to start the survey. and if you don’t know the zip code then you have to select the brand, state, city, and address of your visited store.
  • Then you have to click on the “Start” button to proceed in the main process of this survey.
  • Then you have to answer some questions loyally. You must answer the questions as per your experience and satisfaction level.
  • The questions are mostly given on the quality of service, store atmosphere. Staff behavior, and the price of the services and service obtainability.
  • And you must give your contact details to help the company to follow you up if you are lucky enough to get the rewards of this survey.
  • Then submit your feedback and end up the process.

How to Participate in Phillips 66 Survey by an Online Form:

  • You can also enter this survey through an online form. To take this survey through an online form you have to follow these underwritten steps.
  • For entry into the Sweepstakes without completing the online survey. and to enter by an alternative way of entry you have to click on this link to reach the “AMOE Website” and complete the registration form in its entirety with your full name, email address, complete mailing address including city, state, and zip code, and your date of birth. When you have completed the request form then you have to, follow the directives to print out the form and attach the barcode to a postcard with first-class postage and mail it to the below mailing address.
  •  Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, 3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 300, Dallas TX 75234.

About Phillips 66 Survey

Phillips 66 Company, is an international energy company located in America. Phillips 66 is a public company and belonging to the oil and gas industry. This century-old company was established in the year of 1917 as Philips Petroleum Company and in 2012 it was named Phillips 66. Founders persons of this energy company were L.E. Phillips and Frank Phillips. When it was founded it was located in Oklahoma, United States but currently it was based in Houston, Texas, United States. Phillips 66 serving worldwide with its products like petrochemicals, natural gas, aviation fuels, lubricants, motor fuels. Phillips 66 also serves with oil refining and service stations. It has more than 14 thousand employees working for it. Its subsidiaries are Conoco, 76, and Chevron Phillips, Chemical.

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Phillips 66 Contact Info

Now Phillips 66 is shifted to an online response except accepting phone calls. Now if you want to contact Phillips 66 then you have to visit the official website of the Phillips 66 and then click on the Contact. And fill up the online form.


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