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Do you wish to apply for the Total Visa Credit Card? If yes then you can apply for the credit card at the website of the Bank of Missouri. The bank has created the online portal so that the users can obtain the credit card.

However, the is an online portal where the pre-approved members can accept the pre-approved credit card offer, they received in the email. The pre-approved credit card offer is provided to those who are already approved for the credit card. If your credit score is good or you are an existing account holder at the bank with an excellent credit then you can apply for the credit card. Read on to find a guide to the Total Visa Credit Card.

What is the Total Visa Credit Card

As said earlier the Total Visa Credit Card is issued by the Bank of Missouri and is an unsecured credit card. However, to the grievances of the people it is an expensive unsecured credit card that has heaps of extra charges and fee.

The fee starts with charging $89 as the program fee. It does not require a deposit but the fee charged might burn a hole in your pocket. The fee starts from $89 and then goes to $75 which is the annual fee.

What do I need to Apply

Accept Pre-Approved Offer:

  1. If you wish to accept the pre-approved credit card offer then you need to have the pre-approved email.
  2. The reservation code found in the email is important to accept the offer.
  3. You should have an internet connected device.

Find Approved Application:

  1. Ones who wish to find approved application should have the personal and financial data handy.
  2. Navigate to the website of the 

How to Apply for the Total Visa Credit Card

  • In order to Apply for the Total Visa Credit Card one needs to open the Pre-Approved Total website

How To Apply Total Visa Card

  • As the web page opens there is a section tagged ‘Accept Pre-Approved Letter Offer’.
  • Provide the Reservation Code in the white space and click on the ‘Continue’ button below.
  • Now you will be taken ahead to the next page where you can get started with the credit card application.
  • Simply fill out the required data and you can get the credit card in the mail in the next few days.

How to Find Approved Application

  • Ones who are unable to find approved application need to visit the Total Visa website at 
  • Then click on the ‘Activate Your Card’ option

Total Visa Credit Card

  • In the next step you will find a section tagged ‘Find approved application’.
  • Enter your date of birth, application ID or email address.
  • In the second process you can enter application id or email address to look for your application.
  • One can also search by email address which was used while applying for the credit card.
  • Tap the ‘Submit’ button below in order to look for your credit card application and apply.


At the end one can find the Total Visa Credit Card Application quite simple procedure. However, ones who have trouble looking out for the URL’s can find our post too useful. We hope you can have a great time using the Total Visa Credit Card.


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